Adrien Brochier


I'm maître de conférences at Université de Paris and a member of the team "Groups, representations and geometry" of the Institut de Mathématiques de Jussieu-Paris Rive Gauche..

Here is a recent version of my C.V..

My research interests are mainly in quantum algebra and mathematical physics, and their relation with low dimensional topology. I grew up working on quantum groups and analogs of Drinfeld associators, the so-called KZ equation and the associated representations of braid groups and links invariants. Now I'm trying to use a certain "higher algebraic" point of view on topological field theories and deformation-quantization in a somewhat concrete way to prove stuffs in representation theory and low-dimensional topology.

I also like computer science and programming. Among other things, I wrote down a small program implementing free algebras and the Kohno-Drinfeld algebra, and used it to compute the logarithm of a rational, even Drinfeld associator in a Hall basis of the free Lie algebra, up to and including degree 9. I recently started learning Julia, more on that soon !

I co-organized two of the Workshops on classical and quantum integrability in Glasgow and Edinburgh.