Adrien Brochier


I'm a post-doctoral assistant at Hamburg university, part of the RTG Mathematics inspired by String theory and Quantum Field theory.

Here is a recent version of my C.V..

My research interests are mainly in quantum algebra and mathematical physics. More precisley, I'm interested in toological field theories, KZ equations, Drinfeld associators, braid groups and their relations with other topics like representation theory, operads and low dimensional topology.

I also like computer science and programming. Among other things, I wrote down a small program implementing free algebras and the Kohno-Drinfeld algebra, and used it to compute the logarithm of a rational, even Drinfeld associator in a Hall basis of the free Lie algebra, up to and including degree 9. I'm also interested in interval analysis methods, which leads to a kind of multi-dimensional far reaching generalization of dichotomy algorithms. In collaboration with Maelenn Aufray and Wulf Possart, I wrote down a program which applieies these methods to a fitting problem in the framework of dielectric spectroscopy analysis.

I also co-organized two of the Workshops on classical and quantum integrability in Glasgow and Edinburg.